The F.E.W.-losophy

“Just another loser.”

That will read across my tombstone one day. Most people wouldn’t get it with an explanation. So, I’m not going to. It sounds fitting to me. I suppose that is what this is all about, right? Not giving a fuck and just having a place where I can be myself and talk my shit.

Come along for the ride if you wish, but, to be fair, there is a warning somewhere in between the lines. To be clear, this isn’t for everyone and it’s not supposed to be.

Still with me?

Welcome to the F.E.W.

Feed the monster. Evolve the beast. Wake the human.

Who are the F.E.W?

A society of individuals. The individual’s society. Those of us who look to fight against the sheepish behavior of everyday conformity, to explore a different understanding of what it means to have an identity, and to write our own stories shaping the amorphous void of chaos into a quasar of brilliant luminosity.

Free Enlightened Warriors that carve their own path out of the mud. Those who dive deep in the dark depths of their own mind. The ones that met the creature residing in the eighth sea and sought to understand rather than repress. They who looked into Nietzsche’s abyss and Jung’s shadow to find a piece of themselves that had long been misunderstood, like Frankenstein’s monster. We who nurtured both wolves the Cherokee told of within our being. Us who saw our demons and extended a hand offering redemption and a chance for growth. After all, the monsters inside of us represent a side that longs for understanding and compassion rather than being exiled into the forgotten to starve.

Feed the Monster

The monster. The thing that everyone puts on the wrong side of fear. That thing lurking in the dark centers of wherever. Whether it is under the bed, behind the closet door, or the outer expanse of space; if it is dark, then there is a good chance that monsters reside there. The ones in our minds, those are the darkest ones.

The monsters we bury deep down inside, leaving them to starve and feed off the scraps that might fall into the abyss. Malformed by our own mental malnutrition. It’s no wonder when they get free they cause nothing but havoc and destruction; seeking to consume us whole with fangs of anxiety, and claws of depression. And yet, if we really look into those ill-tempered monstrous eyes we see our own pain-filled gaze looking back at us.

The monster we fear most may be the self misunderstood.

Evolve the Beast

After exposing the dark, one may come to find that the once big bad snarling monster is nothing more than a hungry, wounded, and misunderstood animal. A primitive creature in need of nurture and compassion. The primordial energy of the universe that seeks to be guided into the experience of self. The beast that speaks of an era long passed, yet still alive in the depths of our being.

From the insatiable monster feeding on empty energy to the beast hungry for fulfilling growth, we seek to evolve.

Wake the Human

An evolution that snaps the individual from the dream like trance of everyday existence, allowing one to fully realize and be a part of their own potential. The human wakes from hibernation, having met the monsters and tamed the beast, to find a state of self that is more human than in the beginning.

The conscious acceptance of the absurdity within the world aligned with the realization of the potential within one’s being. The human wakes and sets forth on a journey to claim a temporary piece of the universe.

The F.E.W.

Fighters. Explorers. Writers.

Free. Eccentric. Weird.

Forgotten. Exiled. Wounded.

A F.E.W. to name “The F.E.W.”

Not all of us look the same. Some fight without gloves and mouthpieces. Some have an everyday appeal disguising their weirdness. The few within the few and still we are the few to the all.

Artist. Individuals. My F.E.W. may differ from your F.E.W. and we are few all the same. Hope you might be crazy enough to understand.

Welcome to the F.E.W.

Fighters. Explorers. Writers. The F.E.W.