My first amateur mixed martial arts match…

The Walkout

The physical art.

My personal stance sees the term ‘fighter’ synonymous with that of the ‘artist’.

The fighter, through strict diet and rigorous training, sculpts the body that it may stand against opponent like the work of sculptors chiseled to withstand the onslaught of time.

The fighter, through countless repetitions and numerous failures, masters every motion and position of defense and offense like the painter perfects all the strokes of different brushes and empty space of the canvas.

The fighter, through focus and determination of will, manifests a style that echoes every ounce of self for every drop of sweat, blood, and tears like the musician that brings to life the harmony of the universe from the soul’s depths.

Win or Learn

I think that is enough romanticism for the moment. It’s true though. I do see fighters as awe-inspiring. It is a term that I struggle with in my own life though. When can one truly call themselves a fighter? There is, of course, the physical action of fighting… Check that block, but even that has levels to it. Once again, I’ll liken the term to another highly subjective word… artist. And, in the eye of beholder, I’ll say that it really is for the individual to decide because only time will tell all truths and reveal to what level of the spectrum you reside at.

There is always someone bigger and badder, and, with that present in mind, a reason for growth. As the saying goes, “There are never any losses, only lessons.” And, learn I shall…

… My first mixed martial arts loss.

Everything Fights

My journey in acquiring the label of fighter, an ongoing pursuit, reveals that I am nothing more than an amateur combatant (for the time being). And, to carry on with my humility, I have had a recent hiatus for one excuse or another. I still am just a journeyman on the path of the physical art. One who wonders, am I worthy to be called such a glorious title?

Anyway, I am saying all that to say, I call myself fighter for more reasons than one, and I hesitate to call myself the same for more excuses than one. However, there is, at a philosophical level, the reason that I will always call myself a fighter; no matter the opposing opinion… Determination of will.

The Four Noble Truths of the Buddhist state within the first insight, “There is suffering.” Some may recognize it more as, “Life is suffering”; However you choose to paraphrase the sentiment remains intact. The pains of growth. The headaches of learning. The call to life. The fight against suffering makes everything in existence a fighter. It is deep in the primordial core of our being. This is survival…

Primordial Potential

The universe is a violent place. I have not found a single story of creation that does not display destruction. It would seem that chaos and order are just life cycles of the universe…

Hold up. I’ll save you all the metaphysical mumbo-jumbo for another time. The main point is, how I see it, fighting is ingrained into the very structure of the universe. The Big Bang may have been the first punch thrown and we’ve all just been rumbling since then. So, yeah, I have no problem calling myself a fighter. I put in my work… I still am putting work in.

I might be just an ammy fighter with a shitty record to the pros and fans… I’m still a fighter. I might be just another guy who is chasing a dream… I’m still a fighter. I might be just a training partner on the weekends because life gets busy… I’m still a fighter.


I might just be the person that breaks through and achieves everything I’ve been fighting for since the universe thought of me.

“The universe is a violent place.”

I fight.

I keep fighting.

I am… Fighter.

Welcome to my Fighter section where I will share my own journey through the fight world, a bit of fight analysis from my perspective, and other things that pertain to fighting. Enjoy.