Site Revision

I've lately realized the importance of revising and editing. With that being said, the semester is complete and I have sometime to do some site revisions. The blog portion shouldn't be affected too much but will be more inline with journal style entries versus the mixture of everything. My aim is to organize the site … Continue reading Site Revision


In space No one hears A scream… Not even the one screaming? Contained In helmet Air breathes… Does anyone hear the breathing? Thoughts On brain Where Hell met Their needs… Does anyone hear me breathing? Suffocate starlight until the sun doesn’t rise again. Hand chokes voice Speechless speaking In a circle Unheard Unseen. Unloved. Unnerved. … Continue reading breathing

Incomplete Thoughts…

As infinite as the external reaches of the universe, so are the internal depths of the mind. And, in such, the whole of life seems to be the equivalent of an incomplete thought. Origin unknown. Destination undefined... -The Renaissance Man, Michael Angelo Smith

Room 32. The Door Opens; There Stands the Universe.

Two weeks into my thirty-second year of yet another three hundred and sixty-five—or is it sixty-six this time?—days of revolving orbit around the celestial G2V yellow dwarf. The world continues to turn and the universe operates with a business as usual attitude; uncaring and demanding. I’m grateful for that. I am grateful in the way … Continue reading Room 32. The Door Opens; There Stands the Universe.