The Renaissance Man

I am finally starting this blog after years of broken promises, months of nitpicking, and days of overthinking. And here it is, raw and uncaring; love it if you may and hate it if you must.

The idea behind this blog, and everything that may branch from this seed (after more overthinking and nitpicking of course), sprouts from the concept of a Renaissance person. A quick Google search lands one with the definition of “a person with many talents or areas of knowledge.”

Now, let’s pause for a second…

I am by no means talented, nor am I knowledgeable (though the philosophy of knowledge is an interesting conversation, I believe Einstein said something about a fish trying to climb a tree); at least, what I am trying to say is, this is an ambition. A simple want of an average guy to see himself as more than sub par.

Back to our regularly scheduled program…

The idea may have been planted many years ago. It could have been the way I never really fit in; the inconsistency in my own life; the unsure boy whom always seemed to be overlooked. I don’t know what truly started it. However, I do know that in my gut I’ve always wanted it.

It was during my attempt to be a fighter that the concept presented its name. My first amateur MMA bout and third or fourth amateur fight; the other two or three were kickboxing matches. The promoter of the show, where I had made my amateur fighting debut, ran into me with a fight name suggestion.

Walking out for my amateur MMA debut.

“The Renaissance Man”

Now, was I out there mixing it up in philosophy, art, and science? No, not really… at least, not publicly. Was my fighting style such a mixture that the comparisons could be drawn? I doubt it; although, I’d like to think I had a unique free form of styles. What could it have been that caused someone to see me as a Renaissance man?

I am sure that it was my name. Michael Angelo Smith. I mean, let’s be real, most people are going to go one of two ways with the name. It is either the sixteenth century painter, poet, and sculptor, Michelangelo, or the nunchuck wielding pizza loving Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle who shared his name. I can’t be certain, but I feel like a comment about pizza after a previous fight might have been the catalyst for it all.

Something about pizza.

The thought hasn’t left my head since (Renaissance man, not pizza; although, pizza is always on my mind). It has only amplified past ambitions and highlighted future endeavors. A modern day Renaissance… A Neo-Renaissance, if you will. All technical specifity aside, the board concept of a time where people are creating and helping one another create seems like a beautiful thing.

And so, in that name, a stone was cast into the oceans of my mind from which ripples begin to deeply oscillate. How am I to be a modern Renaissance man? I suppose some eastern philosophical teaching may state “to be a Renaissance man, you must be the Renaissance man.” It makes sense, right? Get out there and do it.

Well, this blog is one of the many ripples I’ve come up with. An attempt to converge my writing, philosophy, photography, and pretty much all things that go into being me. The blog will grow as I grow into the role of a Renaissance man. Join the journey, or just pass through.

-The Renaissance Man, Michael Angelo Smith