Room 32. The Door Opens; There Stands the Universe.

Two weeks into my thirty-second year of yet another three hundred and sixty-five—or is it sixty-six this time?—days of revolving orbit around the celestial G2V yellow dwarf. The world continues to turn and the universe operates with a business as usual attitude; uncaring and demanding.

I’m grateful for that.

I am grateful in the way subatomic particles, that have collected together to make a me, might be as my life goes on not giving them too much thought. They are allowed to exist, fading in and out of existence as they please, like the universe allows me to live as I please while still accepting me as a part of it; yet, still not giving a damn that I am here.

The totality of the infinite—in all her glory—shows me that to be everything simply means I am nothing and in being nothing I am everything.

She whispers “If you seek to be then be that which you seek.”    

And pause.


The echoes of an eastern philosophical aphorism open the hole for this rabbit to fall through and fall I shall. A fish swimming through the eighth sea navigating the streams of consciousness within. The lone wolf tracking through the night forest of the dark unknown. I am a wanderer exploring a realm that is all too familiar yet vastly unknown.

With Camus’ absurdity, I call to Jung’s archetypes to show me the shadows that lurk within Neitzsche’s abyss and present Shelley’s monster that I may greet the unknown with understanding and become wholly new through the discovery of an old friend.       

All will become curious.

Few will understand.

And I will stand alone as everything,

Lost in the nothingness.

– The Renaissance Man, Michael Angelo Smith